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Custom Printed Kraft Boxes - How Eco-Friendly Packaging Can Increase Profits?

Custom Printed Kraft Boxes – How Eco-Friendly Packaging Can Increase Profits?

Studies have shown that a business can increase its profit by up to 41% by using eco-friendly packaging. Some time ago, it was just a compliment for a business if they used sustainable packaging, but as we have seen now, more and more brands have started using custom-printed kraft boxes because it has become a necessity. 

Your market is now becoming more and more competitive each year. So, to survive, it is now becoming the need of the hour for your business to use custom kraft boxes. Other than a great product, customers have now started expecting that their brands also serve the environment. And for every business customer is always king, and that is why you have to fulfill your customer expectations.

The public is learning to prioritize our planet’s health by leveraging their spending power. There are millions, if not billions, of customers who only shop from brands trying to reduce their carbon footprint using renewable energy and eco-friendly packaging. So that is why there is a large audience that you still need to include. 

You can easily win these customers’ hearts by just using sustainable packaging. Now the question appears where can you get this packaging? At DnPackaging, we offer high-quality custom-printed kraft boxes at a very affordable price, so your budget will not be an issue. So, what are you waiting for if you want to win customers’ hearts and ultimately increase your profits? Click on Request A Quotation, and you are good to go. 

What Is Kraft Packaging? 

Kraft is a simple plain brown paper. Kraft is an eco-friendly material because it is a biodegradable material. Brands love Kraft because it is also recyclable. These boxes are best for food packaging. Kraft boxes are made up of kraft material. We made kraft boxes in different sizes and shapes. So, whether you are selling cosmetics or food items, custom-printed kraft boxes are the best material for you. 

Our kraft packaging comes with handles, so if you sell foods, these boxes help you hold them. This material is best for bakers who sell pastries, cakes, donuts, etc. Customers love Kraft packaging because it takes decades in only a few weeks. It leaves an almost negligible effect on climate because it is recyclable so you can also use them again. 

What Are The Benefits Of Custom Printed Kraft Boxes? 

Well, custom-printed kraft boxes offer several advantages. If you want to take full advantage of these boxes, you should know exactly what they are capable of. Let’s discuss a few of them one after one. 

1. Reducing Wastes & Saving Cost

Well, you will be glad to know that investing in sustainable packaging is one of the most effective ways to reduce the cost of your business. Kraft packaging is not only eco-friendly, but it is pocket friendly as well. And that is why small businesses and e-commerce startups prefer kraft packaging. These materials are cheaper than traditional materials and require less effort. 

In addition, kraft packaging is lightweight, which means that it helps you to save a lot of costs while transporting. If you are delivering your products in a single city, then this might not be a big deal for you, but for someone is supplying their goods in other cities, states, or countries, then they know that this is a big deal for them. 

Additionally, sustainable packaging materials are often made from recyclable material or from natural resources like paper boards, so they tend to be more durable than traditional packaging material. So, now you can be assured that your product will be saved in our boxes

2. It Helps You To Increase Customer Loyalty

One of the most traditional but still relevant ways to increase your profit is by increasing customer loyalty. You can easily do this by utilizing our custom-printed kraft boxes. These days customers want to purchase from companies that use eco-friendly packaging, and that is we allow you to get your box fully customized so that you can add a personal touch to it. 

These days customers prefer to buy products from companies trying to reduce their carbon footprint. If you want to become one of those companies, then there are two things that you can do to win your beloved customer’s heart. 

By getting custom kraft packaging from us, you will be able to portray your brand’s positive image in front of your customers. When customers make an effort towards making the world a healthy place, they also want brands to contribute and work with them. As we previously mentioned, millions, if not billions, of customers have the rule to shop only from brands that provide eco-friendly packaging. 

So, it would help if you used kraft boxes to win customers’ hearts. In addition, if your customers trust your brand, they are more likely to share their positive experiences with others. This will help you to get free marketing. So, this is the win-win situation for both customers and brands like you

3. Enhance Your Brands Creadiblity 

As we have already mentioned above, eco-friendly packaging has become a big selling point. It shows your brand commitment to environmental prevention and brand credibility without sacrificing quality and convenience. 

By utilizing our packaging, companies can communicate with customers that they are conscious of their environmental impact. And are taking strides to make responsible decisions. Through this, you can easily make a strong narrative of your brand. This is your first step in gaining new and repeats customers while distinguishing yourself from competitors. 

In addition, customers will see themselves as leaders in your industry. This will help you enhance your brand credibility and build long-term customer relationships. At DnPackaging, we offer custom-printed kraft boxes that will also help you enhance your brand credibility

4. It Helps You To Grab Customers Attention 

When customers see a range of product options in the supermarket or online, product packaging is key in their decision-making. When selecting which product to remove from the shelf and consider buying, customers only know what to get away from other than packaging if they have done the previous testing. 

Many consumers would prefer a packaged product that will attract their eyes. In reality, most customers have purchased the product since its packaging has caught their eye on the store shelf, demonstrating the value of the package design that helps your product stand out from the competition.

Kraft packaging attracts customers because it gives a versatile look to your product. It highlights the product features on the packaging, which educate the customers about the products. 

It is easy to print and mold, so you can transform it into your desired shape, making it more attractive for the customers.

Kraft packaging is chemical-free, making it the best food product choice. It does not change the food taste and helps to maintain freshness. Because of this reason, you will see Kraft packaging at every food stall these days.

5. It Can Do Free Marketing For You

One thing that small businesses and e-commerce startups love about custom-printed kraft boxes is that they can do wonders for them. Every small business wants to market its product to prompt it. But this requires resources that a small business usually needs to have. That is where our custom kraft packaging comes into play. Through these boxes, you can do free marketing of your business. 

In addition, you can also use these boxes to communicate with customers. And that is why we allow you endless customization. So, you can do anything if you want to change size, shape, texture,  pictures, slogans, etc. Furthermore, you can also add more detail to your packaging through embossing and debossing. This will help you to differentiate yourself from your competitors


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