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Top creative and innovative packaging ideas for cartridge boxes

Top creative and innovative packaging ideas for cartridge boxes

Packaging for different occasions can be overpowering with such countless choices and thoughts, particularly for unique packaging boxes. The possibilities are interminable, yet have no fear! Here are some vape cartridge packaging inspirations that will give you a few extraordinary thoughts for presenting it. You can jump-start with packaging inspiration from these custom boxes that will be sure to impress any and all!

Classic Color Packaging:

Red is the main color that rings a bell when a person thinks about the packaging. These exemplary red inflexible boxes definitely catch the attention of the customer’s eyes. The tall and thin collapsing container boxes are incredible for smaller gifts, for example, hand cream, fragrance, cologne, or cosmetics.

This arrangement of holiday packaging additionally incorporates a bit of advancement to finish the look. Altering the lettering and the designs are ways of standing out to your containers. Adding a custom box sleeve adds a distinguishing detail and leaves your clients with your name even after the packaging has been discarded.

Luxury Packaging:

These dark inflexible boxes are ideal for sensitive yet fun packaging. These wide and level boxes are conveniently best for containing the cartridges.

These boxes are an extraordinary method for isolating various segments within the box. It helps clients explore and guarantee simple access to the substance. The light dim and bronze are an incredible uniqueness from the conventional red and green. It stands apart from the rest and modernizes occasion gift giving.

Storytelling Packaging:

One of the top packaging patterns of 2020 is to tell a story. Who doesn’t adore a story? The tall, medium-measured vape cartridge packaging boxes with dynamic tones are not only interesting but also bring some festive feelings. Each box has an alternate base tone from the rest yet is joined with a similar art style.

Simple and Classy Packaging:

For a classy present for somebody, a strong color, cartridge packaging box is the best approach. More modest boxes are ideally suited for giving gifts. Bigger ones can fit a large number of vape cartridge flavors.

Adding custom lettering for boxes will give it an extraordinary and exceptional touch. Tying a differentiating colored bow would keep your box looking intriguing.

Boxes with custom inserts:

Other than improving the unpacking experience, custom inserts hold your item in place and provide the packaging with an additional layer of protection. Custom inserts must be altered by the size and shape of the item as well as the box dimension.

Pop colors:

Colors schemes assume a major part in packaging. In addition to the fact that they make your packaging more critical. Having said that, it is essential to limit the utilization of colors. Utilizing such a large number of tones can prompt the packaging to look overpowering. The colors address the shade of the product.

Another thing to mention here is that cartridge boxes are best to deliver the products. Since these boxes are lightweight and slenderer than other boxes. It is encouraged to deliver them in a bigger box to stay away from imprints and scratches. The brand likewise incorporates a customized card to say thanks.

Playful, witty, and imaginative ideas:

While bundling is designed imaginatively, it will doubtlessly have an incredible initial feeling on your clients. Think about your item, your brand image values, and your clients’ convictions. An item however may be upgraded by the packaging and draws motivation from that.

Reflecting your brand and your product:

It is consistently smart to make your packaging applications for the item. At the point when your clients can associate your box design to the item, they are bound to recall it and furthermore buy it. This is particularly obvious when your item is an ordinary thing, for instance, vape. Guaranteeing your packaging supplements your items will make you stand apart from your rivals.

Cartridge packaging boxes aren’t simply a method for securing your item. It can likewise go about as an advertising instrument and present your clients with your brand image and items. You can utilize these boxes to encourage customers and to enhance their customer’s experience.

Foil Stamping:

Today, most packaging and printing organizations offer an assortment of foil stepping choices for vape cart packaging, making it less expensive than it was previously.

Ordinarily for high orders, add extra choices, for example, foil stepping, spot UV, and decorating, the expense would just increment around 10-15% of your production cost. Along these lines, you can make additional embellishments to your brand packaging to build its worth without addressing a significant expense for it. You can pick contemporary, luxurious, striking, or designed plans – anything you consider fit for your item and brand.


Assuming your organization has a brand tone or shades that you typically remember for your items and additionally online media posts, it is dependably smart to add them into your packaging. For instance, you are probably going to connect greenish-blue with the remarkable vape cart packaging boxes.

Brighten up Your Packages;

Obviously, expenses can be decreased by modifying plain colored packaging boxes. Try printing branded names and printing them on your boxes would make them more bright. Utilizing stickers that highlight the name of your store or brand. For a more modern look, take a ribbon around your packages to complement your color scheme decision.

Packaging is an important element of the unboxing experience. The most important elements in this department are which material to use and how to present the items in an attractive way.


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