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Custom Retail Boxes | Everything You Need To Know About Them

Custom Retail Boxes | Everything You Need To Know About Them

When it comes to selling your product, you have to ensure its packaging is appealing. To promote your product and generate more sales, you must keep a close eye on its packaging to stand out from the rest. 

A retail box’s primary advantage is that it may hold and safeguard your brand’s items while providing an aesthetic look. They also aid in preserving a favorable perception of the brand among customers. Furthermore, with custom retail boxes, we allow you to choose different materials, sizes, shapes, colors, and designs. 

After reading the benefits of these retail boxes, it looks like an expensive process at first glance. But what if we tell you that it’s very affordable? Yeah, you heard us right because, at DnPackaging, you will get high-quality custom-printed retail boxes at a very reasonable price. So, do you want to find out how much it costs? Then why not figure it out by clicking on Request A Quotation

What Is Retail Packaging?

It’s right to say that retail packaging is the identity of your product. Packaging is what makes the product more appealing and helps in grabbing the attention of the customers. Custom packaging combines captivating colors and designs with other product details and specifics. 

Furthermore, custom retail packaging allows you to set higher product prices. Retail packaging is just like clothes for your products. Now it all depends on how you would love to see your creation. You have to remember that high-quality products come with high-end custom packaging. 

What Are The Types Of Retail Packaging Boxes? 

Now you have a great understanding of custom retail boxes and why they are important. Well, we offer different types of retail boxes. So let’s discuss each of them one by one. 

1. Folding Boxes 

Folding cartons are a universal type of retail packaging design we see and use daily. One example of a folding carton is a cereal box. They are also referred to as paperboard boxes. Since these boxes are made from recycled paper, they are eco-friendly and considered the first type by merchants and e-commerce businesses. 

2. Rigid Boxes 

Compared to folding boxes, these boxes have a richer appearance. That is why big brands prefer rigid boxes for their premium products. In addition, these boxes are very durable and protect your goods from any damage. 

3. Corrugated Boxes 

These boxes are mostly used to transfer heavy items or multiple products simultaneously. Corrugated boxes are very durable because they come with three-layer protection. Mostly corrugated boxes are preferred by food and cosmetic brands. 

4. Chipboard Boxes 

These boxes are very similar to corrugated boxes except for one thing. They lack grooved lines and three-layer protection. However, these chipboard boxes are lightweight and can be customized in any shape. 

Features And Application Of Retail Boxes 

Aside from presenting these boxes several other perks which we will be going to discuss now. 

  • Provides Better Protection 

Retail boxes are made up of durable materials such as cardboard and wood that are very durable. They can easily handle high pressure while shipping and protect your product from damage. 

  • Applicable To Any Industry 

In any sector, retail boxes can be utilized as a packaging alternative. For example, you can use these boxes to pack cosmetics, medication, apparel, publications, and other merchandise.

  • Can Be Customised In Any Size, Shape & Color 

Depending on your product, we can manufacture custom retail packaging for you to enhance its look. This allows you to distinguish your product from your competitors. 

  • Ideal For E-Commerce Business 

As always said, the first impression is the last. So, if you are running an online business, custom retail packaging is the right fit to leave a long-lasting impression on your beloved customers. 

Some Retail Packaging Ideas For Branding

With so much competition, every business owner wants to differentiate their products from others. That’s why they have started giving special attention to every detail of the packaging. Here are some suggestions from us as a gift for every business owner. 

1. Shape Of The Box 

Shape and structure is the most important thing when deciding about your product’s packaging. This is because it plays a significant role in drawing customers’ attention. 

2. Size Of The Packaging 

The packaging size should be perfect for the product. In addition, it should be a manageable size for the product. If the box size appears amateur, it may be considered delinquent in the buyer’s eyes. As a result, you must provide your manufacturer with the correct product measurements.

3. Color Of The Box 

Once you have chosen the shape and size of your packaging, you have to make sure the color of the box matches the theme of the product. When selecting the color, you must ensure it conveys the right message to the customer. 

4. Add Design, Patterns, & Pictures

Now it’s time for you to give your packaging a personalized touch. You need to add some pictures, designs, or any unique pattern to your packaging to give it a unique look. Well, we can do it for you because we have a whole graphic designer team with years of experience in the retail packaging industry. They can help you develop a unique design that grabs customer attention and leaves a long-lasting impression. 

5. Do Competitive Analysis 

If you want to stand out from the crowd, you have to do a competitive analysis to see your competitors’ performance. First, you must ensure that no other brand has similar packaging to yours. It’s very easy to attract customers with unique packaging, so make sure your packaging and others are distinct. 


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