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Why Should You Choose Custom Kraft Packaging For Your Business?

Why Should You Choose Custom Kraft Packaging For Your Business?

If you have just decided to get custom packaging for your product, you might need clarification about what packaging material you should choose. When there are different material options in the market, business owners need help deciding which one to go for. So, allow us to help you find the best material according to your needs. 

Every industry now uses kraft packaging material because of its countless benefits, which we will discuss later in this blog. In addition, custom kraft packaging is utilized by every brand to enhance the outlook of your product. 

Kraft material is just like brown paper or thin cardboard and might not attract customers, and that is why you need someone who can do custom kraft packaging for your brand. However, if you want your product to speak for itself through custom packaging, let us do it. 

Although at first glance, it seems like an expensive process because you have to purchase material from one vendor and get the packaging process done by another. The cherry on the cake is hiring a professional graphic designer to make it look attractive. It sounds like a headache, right? 

But what if we tell you we can get all of this under one roof, and it’s way more affordable than you have ever thought it would be? If you want to find out how much it costs, why not find it yourself by Requesting A Quote

About Kraft Material 

It is a hard paper material made from chemical pulp through a unique process. This kraft paper has revolutionized the packaging industry. This kraft packaging has now been utilized by different businesses such as food, bakery, etc. There are multiple reasons companies prepare custom kraft boxes, some of which are mentioned below. 

  • Made up of high-quality wood pulp. 
  • Safe enough to carry even a tiny particle like powder. 
  • Kraft paper is biodegradable and recyclable. 

Customized kraft packaging can be molded into any shape, size, and dimension. These boxes can be used for many purposes, such as Jewelry Boxes, Cosmetic Boxes, CBD Boxes, Soap Boxes, and Bakery Boxes. 

What Are The Different Styles Of Kraft Boxes? 

Let’s look at different packaging styles for custom kraft packaging wholesale: 

1. Straight Tuck Kraft Boxes 

An easy way to identify these straight tuck boxes is that they have flaps on each side. These boxes are tailor designed to handle fragile items. 

2. Lock Button Kraft Boxes

These boxes have an opening flap on one end. So, that is why these boxes can easily handle both fragile and heavy items. These boxes are very durable and sturdy. This packaging style is best for you if you think that your product can slide from the bottom of the packaging, 

3. Crash Bottom Kraft Boxes

These types of boxes are sealed from the bottom. These kraft boxes provide additional support from the bottom and are ideal for shipping heavy items. 

4. Tuck Top Kraft Boxes 

This packaging allows you to have an opening on the top and a flap that tucks into the box top ( lid ). It is ideal for the packaging of bakery items. 

5. Kraft Sleeve Boxes 

These packaging styles allow you to have openings at both ends. A matchbox is the perfect example of a sleeve box. 

Why Should You Choose Kraft Packaging Over Other Packaging Materials? 

1. It is An Eco-Friendly Material 

As previously mentioned, kraft is a biodegradable material and recyclable, making it ideal for brands who want to shift to eco-friendly packaging. Kraft paper bags are becoming very popular both among customers and brands. The more companies that use them, the less plastic we would expect. 

2. It is Very Durable & Versatile 

Another reason that makes kraft material stand out is its durability and versatility. You can print whatever you want on these kraft boxes and bags. These custom kraft boxes can effectively survive weather, pressure, and weight. In addition, these boxes can easily hold delicate items such as jewelry and other electronics. 

3. You Can Choose Any Shape & Size 

Custom kraft packaging allows you to choose any shape, size, and dimension. So we can get it done for you if you want to make these boxes in a triangular shape or a heart shape at DnPackaging. The unique shape, eye-catchy pattern, and accurate fit will allow you to grab your customer’s attention. 

4. Perfect Tool For Fee Marketing 

If you want to increase your sales through word of mouth and free marketing, then kraft boxes are the perfect fit. Kraft retail boxes are the ideal solution to boost sales due to their packaging designs and materials. In addition, if you want to run an eCommerce business and promote your product cost-effectively, you can easily count on custom-printed kraft boxes. 


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